15 movie cars: the Citroen 2CV Sister Aston Martin James Bond

Throughout history there have been cars with a leading role in unforgettable movies.

Throughout history there have been films where the actor or actress has had to master share the limelight with the car he used. In fact, sometimes the car has been the center of history in the background leaving the actors. And there are movie cars that need no introduction, but despite having seen countless times on the big screen, how do we identify them ?

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The most famous secret agent has always had the latest technology to prosecute those who wanted to end against Her Majesty the Queen of England and destroy the world. Only cars that has led have overshadowed the women who coprotagonizaban his films and, of all people , the highlight was the Martin DB5 Aston you used in ‘Goldfinger ‘, ‘ Thunderball ‘, ‘ GoldenEye ‘, ‘ Tomorrow never dies ‘, ‘Casino Royale ‘ and ‘ Skyfall ‘. Had all kinds of gadgets to catch the bad guys, but if we liked was its engine four – liter six – cylinder attached to a gearbox four – speed yielding 282 hp with a top speed of 230 km / h. Elegance car was made, a tuxedo itself.

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When four people are organized to hunt ectoplasms particular level and put the company headquarters in an old firehouse, they can not move around New York in a conventional car, need one special. Thus, the Ghostbusters opted for an ambulance Cadillac Miller-Meteor of 1959 . It is one of the great representatives of large American cars that, when an ambulance was bigger even than one might imagine. This model rode a V8 engine 325 hp and three – speed automatic transmission.

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Steve McQueen pure. It has one of the scenes of persecution of cars most acclaimed history when a Ford Mustang chasing a Dodge Charger R / T through the streets of San Francisco.

Steve good, very fond of the world of the engine and the wheels, failed to keep his protege away from Chicago Crime Syndicate witness although he had a Ford Mustang Fastback 1967 to pursue them . The model had an engine V8 6.3 of 320 hp associated with an automatic gearbox of three speeds. Despite the good handling McQueen with the steering wheel to the stunts he called his friend Hill Hickman, stunt pilot.If not, look at the position of the mirrors of the car during the persecutions, they were down, so that the face of the real driver can not see through some reflection from behind.

Another detail to consider in the absence of the traditional logoMustang on the front and rear. The reason is the refusal of Ford Motor Company to support the film with both vehicles and economically.Steve, who was a producer of the film, had decided which car woulduse, but did not want to give more publicity to the brand, so he removed his distinctive manufacturer and model.

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Both the original and the 1969 remake of 2004 show how you can useMinis , small utility vehicles, to get one of the biggest robberies in history. The first focuses on the city of Turin, Italy, and the remake in Los Angeles. In both cases the low boot is more than enough to fill it withgold bullion . The Mini Morris coprotagonizaba the original film had a one – liter engine and 40 hp , which gave it to achieve a top speed of 140 km / h. It may seem small as a whole, but is more than enough to escape the mob and the police , both through the streets of Turin as their pipes and transalpine and Swiss roads.

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Here the protagonist of the story is a Volkswagen Beetle with feelingsand able to change some elements of the front as if it were a face, and that they are metallic and rigid. The character had previously participated in several movies and Disney until studies were decided to give his own.

He was perhaps the first of the autonomous vehicles in history and had artificial intelligence, even came to love. He gave several sequels and a remake, and gathered all the connotations of the movement ‘Flower Power’ of which enjoyed the beetle in the sixties. He had an engine 1.2 liters and 30 hp , more than enough to win races against sports cars of the time, as is well demonstrated in the xmovies8 site.

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So that the creators of the ‘Back to the Future’ saga changed their minds at the last moment. In the initial plans of the film it was thought that Marty McFly would walk through history taking and for the back of a refrigerator, but finally decided on a DeLorean DMC-12 , giving rise to one of the most recognizable models panorama film. Yes, despite the success of the series, the brand and the model did not have much luck . The DMC-12 was manufactured in 1981 and 1982, when it ceased production because the company went bankrupt following the arrest for drug trafficking John DeLorean, owner of the firm. After he demonstrated that the charges were false, but it was too late to save the DeLorean.

Designed by the prestigious Giugiaro , the car has a PRV six – cylinder engine in V with a displacement of 2.8 liters, yielding 130 hp and could be attached to a manual gearbox or a three – speed automatic five .They built a total of 8,500 units , of which more than half are still seen today on the roads of the United States.

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Eleanor , as well be called this Mustang Fastback Ford in the 2000 movie starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, is one of the most deceptive celluloid models . He is acclaimed for motor racing fans but the truth is that never marketed as such. Eleanor is actually a creation of the company in collaboration with Unique Performance Chip Foose, who on the basis of a Mustang Fastback 67 coupled the Shelby GT 500 finish as well as an important paraphernalia that had a more aggressive image. That is, neither Ford nor Carroll Shelby never traded a car with such aesthetic. The reason was that had created very few units Shelby GT500 at the time, were expensive to get and did not want to destroy them in a film where the car would suffer. So they preferred to put a  body kit to give him similar to the originals.

Of course, once the film was released and the model was so popular , Unique Performance created a limited series of Eleanor for those willing to scratch well pocket. As in the case of Bullit, the original engine was a 6.3 – liter V8 and 320 hp, but UP increased its power beyond the 500 hp.

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Grease was a film released in 1978 that met all American stereotypes but getting you liked thanks to the love story of two antagonistic protagonists. As a child, although vital for the action of the film, wefind an F ord Deluxe 48 showing the relationships between the protagonists, helps beat the ‘baddies’ thanks to a career in the channel of Los Angeles, despite the black arts and the damage it receives, and returns to be repaired to become the modern float – tale ending with Travolta and Newton-John was fired, this time with some changes that make it unrecognizable. He had an engine V8 3.9 liters and 100 hppower.

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The cab had a secondary role, but stood as the main scenario of a large number of scenes in a movie that cost a lot to start shooting, had low budget despite its large cast of actors and direction, and that only with time and criticism, came to soar as one of the best films of cinema history.

The model itself was a Checker Cab belonging to the Checker company, which for several decades was in charge of making taxis several US cities. He is riding a six – cylinder engine, 4.1 liters and 91 hp.The company continued to produce taxis until 1982 , when he left this branch of its business. Still she maintained a small production of parts and spares, linked to General Motors, until 2009 when it went bankrupt.

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Are many and very different coat vehicles listed in the saga Fast and Furious , however stands out : the Dodge Charger that Toretto kept in the garage of his home unfinished repair and that had belonged to his father, who would he had introduced into the world of illegal racing.

Originally, this Dodge Charger 1970, which could mount a wide range of powertrains, had a 6.3 – liter V8 and 340 hp and top of the range.However, in the film, Toretto says that develops more than 900 hp , not in vain air intakes protrude above the hood and says it has the speed record in the quarter mile , since it takes those 402 meters only9 seconds .

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PARAGON PANTHER. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Is the film adaptation cinema adventure book of the same name by Ian Fleming, creator, among others, the character of Agent 007. This time it is a children ‘s movie in which a mad inventor gets manufacture a car that lets you travel imaginary worlds flying through the air and floating on the sea. The model chosen is a Paragon Panther 1920 , a race car after passing through the hands of the protagonist can transport, with his love, his father and his children, land of pirates and castles.

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Road movie in which two very different but equally nondescript life women decide to take a trip together to put aside, if only for a few days, their sad lives. However, not everything goes as planned. The vehicle that will take them on the roads of the United States and even deep to escape from the police is a Ford Thunderbird 66 . It is a convertible with a canvas roof powered by a V8 of 6.4 liters and 315 hp .

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A any vehicle manufactured in Detroit, the city that hosts the headquarters of the three major auto companies in the US, is to have something special inside. When Arnnie find what half demolished no doubt buy it and fix it , but it soon becomes possessed by the car and both are dedicated to cause terror in the city.

The Plymouth Fury 58 had a 290 hp V8 engine. One of the curiosities of this model is that it belongs to one of the last series of this version of the Fury during recording and wrecked more than a dozen cars, which ended up angering collectors.


Because the ‘conceto’ is the ‘conceto’. One of the surprise of our country and how the word of mouth can run movies. It was a film content budget showing how some friends who were participating in abachelor party is desmadraban a little more and meddled in the delivery of a drug shipment, after the misfortune of losing the engagement ring groom in a somewhat compromised site.

The model became protagonist of some of the scenes, persecutions and some of the most hilarious moments was a Volvo 850 , which had a 2.3 liter engine and 228 hp.

What many people do not know is that at the end of the film, the car was returned to the dealership in the northern area of Madrid where they had collected. Here he was cleaned, repaired (even had bullet holes in the plate) and sold as second – hand vehicle to an individual.The car was working as an anonymous vehicle for a long time.

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With the Church we have encountered. One of the usual films Film Barrio (but do not get tired of seeing) mixes religion and automotive. It is the case of a nun played by Gracita Morales , all love and all tenderness, who can not drive, it costs a thousand and one dislikes passed my driving test, once you have it in your pocket, is dedicated tosow chaos in the Madrid of the 60s with a 2CV . However, his kindness makes you love her though none wanted encontrárnosla on the road.Despite what its name suggests, the car had a 425 cc engine. yielding 13.5 CV.

We must not forget that despite the kind of film that was, censorship also acted and cut a scene where the sisters had dinner soup as a them read the highway code, instead of the sacred scriptures, as was done at that time. Download article convert the article with hush hush pdf

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